For 25 years I have been gathering information and entering it into this database. The information is kept in electronic format using software called PAF or Personal Ancestral File (ver 4.0 for Windows). This information is available for download in a commonly known genealogical format called GedCom. Out of respect for privacy, the database contains a minimal amount of information on the living though a good deal of factual information on the dead.

When I first began this effort I had no idea that it would wind up on an Internet site. At the time I started, the Internet did not exist. As a result, the viewer will notice that information in the notes section for each family member is written in a style that was primarily intended for myself. I could have gone back and edited all of that, but frankly, it was too much work.

In the 1960's there was a couple living in Texas by the name of Mr. And Mrs. Hubert Ance Splawn. For some reason they became interested in Splawn genealogy. This was particularly true of Hubert's wife. Apparently they traveled a great deal gathering information on the Splawn's from various court houses and cemeteries. When they died, several three 3-ring binders of their work fell into my hands. Much of the information that I have entered into my database came from the records they left behind.

Additionally, a Splawn descendant named Linda Lund became involved in doing research and she and I collaborated for several years. We discovered other Splawn's actively engaged in family research and they contributed mightily to this work.

I hope what we have done will aid all other family members. We are not paid consultants, just interested Splawn descendants. With that in mind I hope that other members will have charity toward my efforts and join-in with whatever additional information they may have to contribute.

In closing I might add that I personally do not have as good a handle on the earliest Splawn's in America as do Sammie Duncan and William (Bill) Splawn, authors of the other two databases. They have researched it more and are better informed.

As a footnote I might add that I am a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. For other Splawn's who may also be members, please contact me for information relative to ordinance data.

Woody Alton Splawn
Roseville, CA