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646 Individuals

??????, Sarah Splawn

??????, Arter Splawn
Born 1830

Anders, Benjamin Franklin
Born 1860-AR, Died 1905

Anders, James Lafayette
Born 1847-AR, Died 1924

Anders, John Robert
Born 1852 -AR, Died 1923-AR

Anders,Joseph Marion 
Born 1845-AR, Died 1929

Anders, Martha Neoma
Born 1863-AR

Anders, Mary E
Born 1859-AR

Anders, Michael T
Born 1856-AR, Died 1956

Anders, Robert W
Born 1814-SC, Died 1907-AR

Anders, Stephen D
Born 1854-AR, Died 1860

Anders, William F
Died during Civil War

* Andersen, Lela Angeline Splawn
Born 1887-NC, Died 1925

Anderson, Dora Splawn

Aslin, Charles Edward
Born 1920-TX, Died 1964-TX

Aslin, Horace Richard
Born 1931-TX

Aslin, Jasper Newton
Born 1894-AR, Died 1961-TX

Aslin, Jasper Newton Jr
Born 1922-TX, Died 1969-TX

Aslin, John Jimmie
Born 1928-TX, Died 1931

Aslin, Kenneth Glynn
Born 1937-TX, Died 2004-TX

Aslin, Minnie Irene
Born 1915-TX, Died 1999-TX

Aslin, Nancy Evaline
Born 1914-TX, Died 1914-TX

Aslin, Phillip Ray
Born 1933-TX, Died 1936

Aslin, Thomas Andrew
Born 1925-TX, Died 1991

Aslin, William Alexander
Born 1918-TX, Died 1988-TX

Baggarley, Clifford
Born 1917, Died 1996-MT

Baggarley, Cora
Born 1918, Died 1987-WA

Baggarley, George
Died in infancy

Baggarley, Murl

Baggarley, Opal
Died in infancy

Baker, Elizabeth Splawn
Born 1812-MS, Died 1862-LA

Baldwin, Bennett
Died 1982

Baldwin, Bennett Jr
Born 1928

Baldwin, Homer
Born 1934

Baldwin, Martha Helen Waterbury
Born 1930

Bickley, Eudosia Caroline Splawn
Born 1859-LA, Died 1938-OK

Bottoms, William
Born 1835

Campbell, Audrey Auzell Shoup
Born 1897-AL, Died 1972-CA

Campbell, Donald Gregory
Born 1899-AL, Died 1983-CA

Campbell, Howard Jones
Born 1890-AL, Died 1980-TX

Campbell, Jesse

Campbell, John Walter
Born 1868-AL, Died 1950-CA

Campbell, Minnie
Born 1897

Campbell, William Walter
Born 1895, Died 1921-GA

Carter, Sarah E Splawn
Born 1820-LA, Died 1905-TX

Cates, Mary Ethel Splawn

Clayton, Aere Elizabeth Splawn

Coker, Sarah Ann Splawn
Born 1850-AR, Died 1888-TX

Cole, Susannah Susan Splawn

Cole, Viola Splawn
Born 1880, Died 1967-SC

Cooper, Molly Ellen Splawn
Born 1869-SC, Died 1910-SC

Cox, Nancy Splawn

Crabb, Adrian Edward
Born 1927-TX, Died 1983-OK

Crabb, Bonnell Grover
Born 1917-TX, Died 1991-OK

Crabb, Edward Lee

Crabb, Erbie Simmons
Born 1910-TX, Died 1989-OK

Crabb, Madge Marie Thompson
Born 1913-TX,

Crabb, Minnie Lee Smith
Born 1915-TX

Cruise, Sarah Ann (Sallie) Pratt Splawn

Davis, Alice
Born 1865

Davis, Joel
Born 1825-AL

Davis, John W
Died 1875

Davis, John W
Born 1869

Davis, Martha A Smith
Born 1832-AL, Died 1865

Davis, Mary J
Born 1868

Davis, Nancy
Born 1864

Davis, Stephen
Born 1863

Davis, Thomas
Born 1827-AL

Davis, William
Born 1861

Davis, William H
Born 1825-AL

Davis, Woody King
Born 1804-GA, Died 1865

Duncan, Albert Gerald (Jack)
Born 1914-TX, Died 1972-AZ

Duncan, Alice Eunice Smith
Born 1900-OK, Died 1985-CA

Duncan, Bert
Born 1895-TX, Died 1965-CO

Duncan, Bonnie Lavinia Walls
Born 1910-TX, Died 1993-NM

Duncan, Edna Odessa (Dessie) Meek
Born 1898-TX, Died 1989-TX

Duncan, Lottie
Born Quitman, Texas

Duncan, Mattie Faye Brogden
Born 1905-TX, Died 1971-CA

Duncan, Minnie Lee Hare
Born 1886-TX, Died 1941-TX

Duncan, Ocie Carzie
Born 1908-TX, Died 1991-TX

Duncan, Peter Jefferson
Born 1854-TX, Died 1917-NM

Duncan, Samuel Jefferson
Born 1890-TX, Died 1969-TX

Duncan, Silas (Lovie)
Born OK, Died 1902-OK

Duncan, Virgil Bowman
Born 1893-TX, Died 1978-TX

Ezell, Anthony Houston
Born 1881-LA, Died 1953-TX

Ezell, Aurelia Orstella Wilkinson
Born 1871-LA, Died 1971 LA

Ezell, DeWitt Melvin
Born 1873-LA, Died 1955-LA

Ezell, Jefferson, M.D.
Born 1831-MS, Died 1891-LA

Ezell, Margaret Luella Dodd
Born 1876-LA, Died 1927-TX

Ezell, Mary Adeline (Mollie) Heard
Born 1868-LA, Died 1967-LA

Ezell, Rebecca Elizabeth (Bettie)
Born 1866-LA, Died 1926-LA

Ezell, Rowena Lucille
Born 1885-LA, Died 1985-LA

Ezell, Willie Splawn
Born 1878-LA, Died 1976-LA

* Foster, John W (Zack)

Foster, Johnny

Gilliam, Rebecca Ann Splawn
Born 1844-MO, Died 1902-WA

Goodman, Harve
Born 1875-AR, Died 1939-TX

Goodman, Ima
Born 1891-AR

* Goodman, Jesse Jr
Born 1851-AR, Died 1940-AR

Goodman, John Franklin
Born 1872-AR, Died 1953-TX

Goodman, Josiah Calvin
Born 1882-AR, Died 1939-AR

Goodman, Lee
Born 1877 AR, Died 1880

Goodman, Martha May
Born 1890-AR, Died 1891-AR

Goodman, Mary Saphronia Farris
Born 1881-AR, Died 1905-AR

Goodman, Minerva Victoria Barr
Born 1878-AR, Died 1963-OK

Goodman, Oscar Claude
Born 1885-AR, Died 1961-CA

Goodman, Sarah Elizabeth Power
Born 1870-AR, Died 1933-AR

Goodman, Susanna Pearl Owens
Born 1887-AR, Died 1932-TX

Goodman, Willie
Born 1874-AR

Gralenes, Nick

Green, Mary Jane Splawn

Guy, Ethel Coy Splawn
Born, Died 1967-TX

Harvick, Nancy Splawn

Hathorne, Mary Elizabeth Splawn
Born 1795-GA, Died 1886-AR

Hedgepeth, Caroline Splawn
Born 1830-Ky, Died 1864

Henderson, Letty Ann Splawn

Hitchcock, Mallie Mae Splawn
Born 1898-MS, Died

Hixon, Alma Wilson Blair
Born 1902-TX, Died 1994-CA

Hixon, Ezra

Hixon, Jenny Ross

Hixon, Kenneth

Hixon, Marlene Truitt

Hixon, Oscar

Hixon, William Russell
Born 1883-AL, Died 1957-TX

Hixon, Winona Crisp

Human, Caroline Clementine Splawn
Born 1843, Died 1890-TX

Human, Sarah Elizabeth Splawn
Died 1883-TX

Huntley, George Germane

Huntley, Kendall Dean
Born 1928-NC, Died 2000-OH

Huntley, Harold Wayne

* Isbele, Louisa Splawn
Born 1870-MO, Died 1928-TX

Jaye, Mary Cam Splawn
Born 1855-IL, Died 1936-OR

Johnson, Carrie Robbins Splawn
Born 1888-SC, Died 1968-SC

Johnson, Phariba (Feraby) Splawn
Born 1808-GA, Died 1870-AL

Johnson, Rachel Elizabeth Isbele Loving Splawn
Born 1845-TN, Died 1914-TX

Jordan, Margaret Anna Splawn
Born 1839-GA, Died 1870s-TX

Loden, Winnie Splawn

Malone, Eliza Louisa

* Mathews, Clarence Conrad
Born 1875-GA, Died 1962-OK

Mathews, Cleta Lee Foster
Born 1903, Died 1985-TX

Mathews, Don Kent
Born 1924, Died 1984-AR

Mathews, Hansford V
Born 1913, Died 1975

Mathews, Lance
Born 1916, Died 1934-OK

Mathews, LaVurr
Born 1907-OK, Died 1991-OK

McHaney, Nancy Splawn
Born 1812-VA, Died 1904-WA

Moody, Laura Belle Splawn
Born 1869-TX, Died 1953-TX

Morgan, Martha Elizabeth (Bettie) Splawn

Murray, Bertha
Born 1902-CO, Died 1927

Murray, Bessie May (Mae) Abernathy
Born 1886-KS, Died 1920-CO

Murray, Dolly Eagen
Born 1900-CO, Died 1977-CA

Murray, Elizabeth Dade Winner
Born 1886-KS,

Murray, Jesse Myrtle Ogle
Born 1895-KS

Murray, John Milton
Born 1849-KY, Died 1928-CA

Murray, Lizzie
Born 1888-KS

Murray, Martha Alice
Born 1891-KS

Murray, Nellie Edith Amyx
Born 1896-KS, Died 1963-CA

Murray, Walter S
Born 1885-KS

Myers, Arthur Allen
Born 1896, Died 1956

Myers, Betty Jean Jackson

Myers, Charles Franklin

Myers, Doris Mae Wilson

Myers, Mary
Born 1930, Died 1930

Myers, Richard Lee
Born 1939, Died 1971

Myers, Thomas Arthur
Born 1917, Died 1962

Myers, Victor Allen
Born 1936, Died

Myers, Vileria Lucille Benton
Born 1934, Died 2005

Myers, Winnie Marie Hazelwood Whittington

Nelson, Sarah T Splawn
Born 1829-GA

Nichols, Lilly Splawn
Born 1898-AR

Orr, G W

Orr, James

Orr, John

Orr, Judia

Orr, M F

Orr, Mayberry

Orr, Moses

Orr, Nancy

Orr, Patrick

Orr, Rosanna

Orr, S E

Orr, Sabrina

Orr, William H

Otts, Mary Molly Splawn
Born 1852-GA, Died 1902-Indian Terr.

Paine, Mary C Splawn

Peace, Henry

Peace, Ruth

Pratt, Allen Braswell (or Brazell)

Pratt, Althea Elizabeth Griffin
Born 1899-AL, Died 1975-AL

Pratt, Anna Tallulah Hill Willis
Born 1891-AL, Died 1966-AL

Pratt, Ellarea Cottingham Bryan
Born 1900, Died 1982-AL

Pratt, John Eugene
Born 1892-AL, Died 1894

Pratt, Mary Olivia Griffin Randall
Born 1902-AL, Died ca. 1970

Pratt, Ruby Ophelia Hill Steele
Born 1897-AL, Died 1971-AL

Pratt, Sarah Elizabeth
Born 1895-AL, Died 1896-AL

Pratt, William Carl
Born 1890, Died 1911

Robbins, Sarah Splawn

Robertson, Albert H
Born 1891

Robertson, Allan
Born 1879-AL

Robertson, Christopher Columbus
Born 1854-GA

Robertson, John O
Born 1889

Robertson, Lillie Eva Whittington
Born 1886, Died 1926

Robertson, Mary B
Born 1894

Rushing, Willie Logan Splawn
Born 1895-IT, Died 1970-OR

Sanderson, Effie Mae Splawn
Born 1888-TX, Died 1964-AZ

Schmidt, Charlotte Splawn

Scroggins, Sarah Amanda Anderson Black

Seale, Mary Jane Splawn

Seat, Faye Alberta Hanks
Born 1927-, Died 1983-

Seat, Fern Eileen Hicks
Born 1923-WA, Died 1972-WA

Seat, John Henry
Born 1884, Died 1958-WA

Seat, Lillis Lovern Baker
Born 1921-WA, Died 1981-WA

Seat, Maye Adrena Kempski

Seat, Norris Melvin
Born 1919-WA, Died 1959-WA

Shipman, Abraham

Shipman, Carrie W
Born 1895-NC, Died 1980-NC

Shipman, Edward
Born 1896-SC, Died 1979-SC

Shipman, James
Born 1901, Died in infancy

Shipman, Rufus
Born 1899-SC, Died in infancy

Sims, Matilda Randolph Splawn
Born 1832-AL, Died 1920-AL

Splawn, Ada Ann Rhodes
Born 1873-TX

* Splawn, Addie Elizabeth Mathews
Born 1884-TX, Died 1944-OK

* Splawn, Addie Eugenia Titus
Born 1886-AL, Died 1964-AL

Splawn, Addie Gladys
Born 1897, Died 1916-AL

Splawn, Adolphus Harrison
Born 1865-AL, Died 1943-AL

Splawn, Albert Washington
Born 1874-AL

Splawn, Alfred
Born 1856

Splawn, Alice Belle Gilbraith
Born 1882-TX, Died 1937-TX

Splawn, Alice Belle Felts
Born 1918-TX, Died 1993-CA

Splawn, Ally Mae
Born 1890-TX

*Splawn, Andrew Jackson (Jack)
Born 1845-MO, Died 1917-WA

*Splawn, Andrew Jackson, II
Born 1899-WA, Died 1957-WA

*Splawn, Andrew Jackson III
Born 1923-WA, Died 2010-WA

Splawn, Annie Elisa Cobb
Born 1879-TX, Died 1917-OK

Splawn, Annie Myrtle
Born 1882-WA, 1960-OR

Splawn, Annie Rose Cook
Born 1921-TX, Died 1991-TX

Splawn, Anthony Houston
Born 1850-LA, Died 1902-TX

* Splawn, Ara Vitella Duncan
Born 1869-TX, Died 1961-NM

Splawn, Asea W
Born 1892-AR

Splawn, Aylor
Born 1890

Splawn, Barney Franklin
Born 1893-TX

Splawn, Bazel
Born 1866-TX, Died 1942-OK

*Splawn, Benjamin Allen
Born 1841-AR, Died 1906-TX

Splawn, Benjamin Allen
Born 1896-TX, Died 1985-TX

Splawn, Benjamin Franklin
Born 1872-TX

Splawn, Bennie R
Born 1889-AR

Splawn, Bertha Hamrick
Born 1897-NC, Died 1983-NC

Splawn, Bessie Damron
Born 1907, Died 1968

Splawn, Bessie
Born 1886-WA, Died 1908-OR

Splawn, Bessie
Born 1893-NC, Died 1894-NC

Splawn, Bessie Jolly
Born 1917-SC, Died 1997-SC

Splawn, Betty Louise Moore
Born 1923-OK

Splawn, Beulah Fay Grinke
Born 1907-TX

Splawn, Bill Woodward
Born 1912-TX, Died 1998-TX

Splawn, Birtha Meldora Peace Huntley
Born 1893-NC

Splawn, Bodecia A Dicey Fulgham
Born 1860-AL, Died 1943-AL

Splawn, Bonnie Martha Henderson
Born-SC, Died-SC

Splawn, Carra
Born 1889-NC

Splawn, Charles
Born 1838-LA

*Splawn, Charles Aaremus
Born 1831-MO, Died 1914 WA

Splawn, Charles Alexander
Born 1891-TX

Splawn, Charles Marion (Charlie)
Born 1895-IT, Died 1959-OR

Splawn, Charley Franklin
Born 1903-TX, Died 1965-TX

Splawn, Charlie C
Born 1908-TX, Died 1981-TX

Splawn, Charlotte Mann Splawn
Born 1830-Mo, Died 1900-OR

Splawn, Clarence C
Born 1897

Splawn, Clark
Born 1882-TX, Died 1965-OK

Splawn, Clarra Jones
Born 1892-NC, Died 1969

Splawn, Claude/Claudie Sally Tabner
Born 1883

Splawn, Claud Merlon
Born 1908-SC, Died 1985-SC

Splawn, Claudia Gwendal (Jo-Jo)
Born 1928-AZ, Died 1988-GA

Splawn, Converse S
Born 1849 or 1854

Splawn, Cora Katie Moody
Born 1879-TX, Died 1966-TX

Splawn, Corrie Spencer
Born 1912, Died 1965-SC

Splawn, Delphia J Allen
Born 1876-NC, Died 1917-NC

Splawn, Deman Jewell 
Born 1902-TX, Died 1904-TX

Splawn, Denver Loyd
Born 1911-OK, Died 1996-TX

Splawn, Dock Roe
Born 1865, Died 1947-TX

Splawn, Earlie Beatrice Brisco
Born 1880-NC, Died 1961-NC

Splawn, Edgar D
Born 1904, Died 1990

Splawn, Edmond Pinkney
Born 1847-NC

Splawn, Edna Faye White Culp White Thompson
Born 1916-TX, Died 1985-OR

Splawn, Edna Mae Vines

Splawn, Effie Jane
Born 1892

Splawn, Eldon Hugh
Born 1920

Splawn, Elias
Born 1818-AL, Died 1884-TX

Splawn, Elias Carter
Born 1855-LA

Splawn, Eliza
Born 1869

Splawn, Eliza Jane Mann
Born 1840-MO, Died 1895-KS

Splawn, Eliza Jane Higgins
Born 1866-TX

Splawn, Elizabeth Mulkey
Born 1827-Al, Died 1907 AL

Splawn, Elizabeth
Born 1848-MO

Splawn, Elizabeth
Born 1853

Splawn, Elizabeth Amelia Lizzie Mulkey
Born 1862-AL, Died 1942-AL

Splawn, Ella Campbell
Born 1869, Died 1948-SC

Splawn, Ella Elizabeth Pratt
Born 1870, Died 1906-AL

Splawn, Ellamae Inman
Born 1899-AL, Died 1961-AL

Splawn, Ellender Orr
Born 1815-Tn, Died

Splawn, Elmer
Born 1908-TX, Died 1992-TX

Splawn, Elmo
Born 1907-TX,

Splawn, Elsie Faye West
Born 1920-TX

Splawn, Emily (Emma) Jane Williams
Born 1849-TX

Splawn, Emma Edith Hargroves
Born 1898-TX, Died 1928-TX

Splawn, Emma Elizabeth
Born 1904, Died 1987-AL

Splawn, Ennis E
Born 1906-TX, Died 1954

Splawn, Ethel Jane Turner
Born 1896-TX, Died 1965-TX

Splawn, Eula May Reasoner
Born 1892-TX, Died 1988-OK

Splawn, Eula Merle Stevenson
Born 1923-TX

Splawn, Eunice Burns

Splawn, Ezekiel
Born 1870-TX, Died 1954-OK

Splawn, Felix J
Born 1889-TX, Died 1928-TX

Splawn, Felix Johnson
Born 1831 AL, Died 1896 TX

Splawn, Felix Johnson
Born 1882-TX, Died 1928-TX

Splawn, Fereby A
Born 1839-AL

Splawn, Flora H Thorp
Born 1875-WA, Died 1946

Splawn, Floyd Baxter
Born 1914-OK, Died

Splawn, Francis Marion
Born 1834-MO, Died 1910-OR

Splawn, Fred L
Born 1894, Died 1964

Splawn, Ganell Ruth Chapman
Born 1915-SC

Splawn, George
Born 1859-MO, Died

Splawn, George Gilmore
Born 1879-TX

Splawn, George Levi
Born 1891

Splawn, George Washington
Born 1833-MO, Died 1914-WA

Splawn, Gladys Genevieve Stewart
Born 1907-OK, Died 1982-AZ

Splawn, Gladys Sarah Elizabeth Irene West
Born 1916

Splawn, Golden McDaniel

Splawn, Gordie M
Born 1901-AR

Splawn, Gordon
Born-SC, Died-SC

Splawn, Goshie Ezekiel
Born 1898-TX

Splawn, Grady Harrison
Born 1894-NC, Died 1983-SC

Splawn, Grover Cleveland
Born 1890-AL, Died 1978-TX

Splawn, Grover Cleveland
Born 1901-TX, Died 1978

Splawn, Hansford
Born 1866-TX, Died 1942-TX

Splawn, Hansford S
Born 1818-SC or GA

Splawn, Hansford S Jr
Born 1853-TX

Splawn, Harriet Egbert
Born 1837-MO, Died 1877-KS

Splawn, Harriet
Born 1856-MO, Died

Splawn, III, Harrison Harris (Brother)
Born 1910, Died 1921-AL

Splawn, Jr, Harrison Harris
Born 1872-AL, Died 1910-AL

Splawn, Sr, Harrison Harris
Born 1839-AL, Died 1873

Splawn, Harvey Oscar
Born 1892-AR, Died 1977-AR

Splawn, Hattie Lee Walls
Born 1897-TX, Died 1966

Splawn, Hattie Mae Morris
Born 1887, Died 1907

Splawn, Hazel (Jack) Green
Born 1921-TX

Splawn, Heland Reynolds
Born 1869-AL,

Splawn, Helen Gould Groat
Born 1904-IN, Died 1990-AZ

Splawn, Henry A
Born 1853-55-TX

Splawn, Henry Basil
Born 1876-TX

Splawn, Henry L
Born 1856

Splawn, Homer Bayard
Born 1910-WA

Splawn, Horace Glynn
Born 1928-TX

Splawn, Horace Greely
Born 1880-NC, Died 1907

Splawn, Houston Chester
Born 1908-OK, Died 1987-CA

Splawn, Howard

Splawn, Howard
Born 1909-NC, Died 1996-NC

Splawn, Hubert Ance
Born 1902-TX, Died 1970

Splawn, Hubert Hansford
Born 1853-TX, Died 1916-OK

Splawn, Hugh G (Huey)
Born 1847-NC

Splawn, Hugh Hansford
Born 1893-OK, Died TN

Splawn, Issac
Born 1838-MO

Splawn, Isaac Lanehart
Born 1847-LA, Died 1878-TX

Splawn, Isom Ware
Born 1848-MO, Died 1938-OR

Splawn, J D

Splawn, Jack
Born 1906-TX, Died

Splawn, James

Splawn, James
Born 1784-SC, Died 1850-TX

Splawn, James
Born 1808

Splawn, James
Born 1826-AL, Died 1860-1874 AR

Splawn, James
Born 1839-LA

Splawn, James
Born 1841-NC

Splawn, James (Moses)
Born 1847

Splawn, James
Born 1852

Splawn, James
Born 1868

Splawn, James Buel Asbury
Born 1856-NC, Died 1934

Splawn, James Calvin
Born 1880, Died 1957

Splawn, James Cole
Born 1869

Splawn, James Elsie
Born 1902, Died 1957

Splawn, James Henry D
Born 1861-AR, Died 1939-OK

Splawn, James J
Born 1872-NC

Splawn, James Madison
Born 1829, Died 1883 AL

Splawn, James Madison
Born 1882-TX

Splawn, James Madison Jr
Born 1884-AL

Splawn, James Nathaniel
Born 1900

Splawn, James Walter
Born 1873-TX

Splawn, James William
Born 1893-TX, Died 1936-TX

Splawn, Jane Brassfield
Born 1818-TN, Died after 1850-MO

Splawn, Jeannie J Wilcox
Born 1894-TX

Splawn, Jefferson
Born 1870

Splawn, Jefferson Alton (Al)
Born 1917-OK, Died 1959-AZ

Splawn, Jemima Jane Harvick
Born 1832-AL

Splawn, Jennie
Born 1872-OR

Splawn, Jeremiah
Born 1816-GA

Splawn, Jessie
Born 1919-SC, Died 1990-SC

Splawn, Jessie Lee Cline
Born 1899-OK, Died 1954-CA

* Splawn, Jesse Monroe
Born 1869-TX, Died 1938-CA

Splawn, Jim Romero (Roam)
Born 1876-NC, Died 1948-SC

Splawn, Jimmie Bee Barnett
Born 1914-TX

Splawn, Joe Carnise
Born 1895-TX, Died 1957-TX

Splawn, Joe (Curtis)
Born 1905-SC, Died-SC

Splawn, Joel Addison (Add)
Born 1884-TX, Died 1936-AZ

Splawn, Joel Leslie (Less)

Splawn, John
Born 1790s, Died 1844-AR

Splawn, John
Born 1800-1810-TN, Died 1848-MO

Splawn, John
Born 1843-MO

Splawn, John A
Born 1861

Splawn, John Andrew
Born 1818-GA, Died

Splawn, John Andrew
Born 1842-MO

Splawn, John B
Born 1832-MO

Splawn, John D
Born 1844-AR

Splawn, John Diamond
Born 1888-IT, Died 1967-AZ

Splawn, John E
Born 1856

* Splawn, John Robert
Born 1870-AR, Died 1962-TX

Splawn, John W
Born 1838-AL

Splawn, John W
Born 1857-AL, Died 1881 TX

Splawn, John William
Born 1853-MO, Died 1906-IN

Splawn, Johnnie T
Born 1887-TX, Died 1887-TX

Splawn, Johnny
Born after 1880-AL, Died before 1900-AL

Splawn, Johnny Van
Born 1907

Splawn, Joseph B
Born 1890-AR

Splawn, Joseph Case
Born 1882-AL, Died 1944-TX

Splawn, Joseph Richard
Born 1918-TX, Died 1994-TX

Splawn, Joseph William
Born 1878-NC, Died 1953

Splawn, Josephine Minor
Born 1887, Died TX

Splawn, Joshua (Josh) West
Born 1860-AL, Died 1956-OK

Splawn, Julian Ann (Annie) Williams
Born 1883-Mexico, Died 1936-TX

Splawn, Junior
Born 1893-NC

Splawn, Klondike (Dike)
Born 1896-TX

*Splawn, Lalloh Carpenter
Born 1916-WA, Died 1997-WA

Splawn, Lee Allen
Born 1858-AL, Died 1926-AL

Splawn, Lee Beauregard
Born 1900-TX, Died 1951-TX

Splawn, Lee Ella Gassaway
Born 1881

Splawn, Leola Shields
Born 1902-NC, Died 1979-NC

Splawn, Lewis S
Born 1845-MO

Splawn, Lillian Dover
Born-SC, Died SC

Splawn, Lillie Bell Wing
Born 1867-OR, Died 1912

Splawn Lilly Bell
Born 1872-AL

Splawn, Lizzie Lewis
Born 1890-TX, Died 1948-TX

Splawn, Lola

Splawn, Lola Faye Cruz
Born 1912-TX

Splawn, Loran
Born 1860

Splawn, Loren
Born 1891-IT, Died 1891-IT

Splawn, Lottie Baggarley Baldwin
Born 1895-WA, Died 1984-WA

Splawn, Louisa (Lou) Simmons
Born 1879-NC, Died 1954-SC

Splawn, Lucendah
Born 1836-MO

Splawn, Lula

Splawn, Lula Cole
Born 1884-NC, Died 1955

Splawn, Lula May Rhodes
Born 1889-TX, Died 1940-OK

Splawn, Madderson (Matt)
Born 1886-NC

Splawn, Mae Belle Scruggs
Born-SC, Died-SC

* Splawn, Maggie Margaret Hixon
Born 1885-TX

Splawn, Margaret
Born 1842-NC

Splawn, Margaret Beatrice
Born 1910

Splawn, Margaret Lucille Crowder Cowart
Born 1925-OR, Died

Splawn, Marion L
Born 1848-NC

Splawn, Marion Monroe
Born 1863-OR, Died 1916

Splawn, Marion William
Born 1918-OK

Splawn, Martha Davisson
Born 1830-MO

Splawn, Martha
Born 1840-MO

Splawn, Martha Sutton
Born 1853-NC

Splawn, Martha
Born 1858

Splawn, Martha E Murray
Born 1863-MO

Splawn, Martha E
Born 1864

Splawn, Martha Elizabeth Ezell
Born 1845-LA, Died 1935-LA

Splawn, Martha Jane Davis Rockett Waggoner
Born 1859 AR

Splawn, Marvin

Splawn, Mary A (Molly) Davis
Born 1790s-SC, Died 1863

Splawn, Mary Alberta Seat
Born 1901-WA, Died 1972-WA

Splawn, Mary Ann Mitchel
Born 1833-AL

Splawn, Mary Anna Whitten
Born 1890

Splawn, Mary C
Born 1862

Splawn, Mary D
Born 1886

Splawn, Mary Elizabeth Robertson
Born 1858-AR

Splawn, Mary Elizabeth Love Tucker
Born 1832-AL, Died 1880-AR

* Splawn, Mary Elizabeth Goodman
Born 1848-AR, Died 1909-AR

Splawn, Mary Ellen
Born 1844-MO

Splawn, Mary Ida 
Born 1871-TX, Died 1892

Splawn, Mary Jane
Born 1907

Splawn, Mary Lee Vines
Born 1915-TX, Died

Splawn, Mary Lola
Born 1912-OK, Died

Splawn, Mattie
Born 1882-NC, Died 1964-NC

* Splawn, Mattie Ann Foster
Born 1873-AR, Died 1957-TX

Splawn, Mattie Belle
Born 1899-IT, Died 1899

* Splawn, Maude Swinford
Born 1880, Died 1939-OK

Splawn, Mayberry
Born 1780s-Nor S Carolina, Died 1840s-MO

Splawn, Mayberry
Born 1801-TN, Died 1852 on Oregon Trail

Splawn, Mayberry
Born 1830-MO, Died 1880

Splawn, Mayberry

Splawn, Mayberry Asby (Berry)
Born 1880-IT, Died 1951-OR

Splawn, Minnie Henderson
Born 1887-NC, Died 1975

Splawn, Minnie Ann Stapp
Born 1884-AL, Died 1957

Splawn, Minnie Belle Wood
Born 1880-TX

Splawn, Minnie Edith Petty Hollingsworth
Born 1905-OK, Died

Splawn, Minnie Francis
Born 1899, Died 1957

Splawn, Minnie May Smith
Born 1867-OR, Died 1918

Splawn, Mittie Victoria
Born 1899

Splawn, Moses

Splawn, Moses
Born 1835-MO, Died 1924-WA

Splawn, Nancy
Born 1853-TX

Splawn, Nancy
Born 1859 or 1860

Splawn, Nancy A
Born 1851-NC

Splawn, Nancy Anders
Born 1822-AL, Died 1897-AR

Splawn, Nancy Eudora Jack Lewis
Born 1891-TX, Died 1965-TX

Splawn, Nancy J
Born AR

Splawn, Nancy Jane Crabb
Born 1894-TX, Died 1988-OK

Splawn, Nancy Victoria Tucker
Born 1854-AR, Died 1935

Splawn, Nannie Clara Perry
Born 1905-TX, Died 1984-TX

Splawn, Natty
Born 1883-NC

Splawn, Nellie Imo Hamic
Born 1915-TX

Splawn, Newton Alexander
Born 1859

Splawn, Newton Isaac
Born 1851-NC, Died 1927-NC

Splawn, Olen
Born 1906-TX, Died 1955-TX

Splawn, Ollie Lovene Inglett

Splawn, Oscar
Born 1877-TX, Died 1949-OK

Splawn, Oscar Carsey
Born 1880-TX, Died 1961-TX

Splawn, Otelia
Born 1868

Splawn, Pearl Della Paralee Campbell
Born 1867-AL, Died 1940-CA

Splawn, Perthinia (Ann)
Born 1852

Splawn, Phillip H
Born 1900-TX, Died 1906

Splawn, Raymond Ellis Merle
Born 1927-OR, Died

Splawn, Rebecca
Born 1870

Splawn, Richard
Born 1790s-SC, Died 1837-AL

Splawn, Robert Allen
Born 1894-AR

Splawn, Robert Allen, Jr
Born 1919-AR

Splawn, Robert Edward
Born 1891-TX, Died 1973-TX

Splawn, Rosa Ann

Splawn, Rosa Ann Davis
Born 1829-AL, Died 1903-TX

Splawn, Rosa Ann Aslin
Born 1894-TX, Died 1966-TX

Splawn, Rosann A Lightsey
Born 1834-AL

Splawn, Ross Jordan
Born 1911-TX, Died 1935-CA

Splawn, Ruby Florene Kohl
Born 1892-TX, Died 1961-OR

Splawn, Ruth Mae Stewart Jones
Born 1910-Ok, Died 1967-OR

Splawn, Samuel Damascus
Born 1871-TX, Died 1939-TX

Splawn, Samuel Jasper
Born 1907-TX, Died 1988-TX

* Splawn, Samuel Nelson
Born 1844-LA, Died 1923-TX

Splawn, Sarah
Born 1850

Splawn, Sarah
Born 1868

Splawn, Sarah E
Born 1842-TX

Splawn, Sarah Ellen Chatfield Mckerr
Born 1859-OR, Died 1908

Splawn, Sarah Francis Staggs
Born 1850-AR

Splawn, Sarah Jane Brown
Born 1836-AL

Splawn, Sarah Lettye
Born 1895, Died 1973

Splawn, Sarah Lucille
Born 1902, Died 1981-AL

Splawn, Sebra Sally Miller
Born 1913-TX

Splawn, Sidinnia Shipman
Born 1862, Died 1911

Splawn, Simon Crockett
Born 1842-LA, Died 1922-TX

Splawn, Stephen
Born 1796-TN, Died 1882-KS

Splawn, Stephen
Born 1798-GA, Died 1857-AL

Splawn, Stephen
Born 1832

Splawn, Stephen Baxter
Born 1856-MO, Died 1895-IT

Splawn, Stephen Baxter
Born 1885-IT, Died 1951-OR

Splawn, Stephen Baxter Jr.
Born 1922-OR, Died

Splawn, Stephen C
Born 1814-SC

* Splawn, Stephen Edward
Born 1833-AL, Died 1914-TX

Splawn, Stephen Herod
Born 1853-AL, Died 1909 TX

Splawn, Stephen John Lafayette
Born 1863 AR, Died 1926

Splawn, Stephen P
Born 1854-AL, Died 1887-AL

* Splawn, Stephen Marion
Born 1849-TX, Died 1920-OK

Splawn, Steven Edward
Born 1876-TX

Splawn, Susan
Born 1868

Splawn, Susan Hawkins
Born 1874-NC, Died 1940

Splawn, Susan E
Born 1877-NC

Splawn, Susanna
Born 1847-TX

Splawn, Susie Lee Myers
Born 1898-TX, Died 1982-TX

Splawn, Talbert (Tollie)
Born 1847-LA

Splawn, Taylor
Born 1890, Died 1980-OK

Splawn, Texas (Texie)
Born 1890-NC

Splawn, Theodore
Born 1906-NC, Died 1987-SC

Splawn, Thomas Alexander
Born 1863-AL, Died 1926-TX

Splawn, Thomas Alexander
Born 1874-TX

Splawn, Thomas C
Born 1823-SC, Died 1902-TX

Splawn, Thomas J
Born 1845-TX

Splawn, Thomas Joseph
Born 1896-TX, Died 1957-TX

Splawn, Tina Spears
Born 1911-TX, Died 1940

Splawn, Vela Gelette McCracken
Born 1901-OK, Died 1980-CA

Splawn, Velma Virgle Gargis
Born 1906-TX

Splawn, Vertie E Love
Born 1905, Died 1980

Splawn, Viola Shadel
Born 1869 WA, Died 1900

Splawn, Wallace Larkin
Born 1894-TX, Died 1976-OK

Splawn, Washington Jackson
Born 1852-LA, Died 1858-LA

Splawn, Wiley Hilton
Born 1923, Died 1923

Splawn, Willa Blanche
Born 1898

Splawn, William (Billy)
Born 1820-NC

Splawn, William
Born 1830-SC, Died 1877-TX

Splawn, William
Born 1859-MO

Splawn, William
Born 1867

Splawn, William
Born 1895-TX, Died 1922

Splawn, William Bryan
Born 1898, Died 1920

Splawn, William Edward Turner
Born 1856-AR, Died 1894 AR

Splawn, William F
Born 1840-MO

Splawn, William Harrison
Born 1862-AL, Died 1926-TX

Splawn, William Henry
Born 1856-AL, Died 1923-AL

Splawn, William Henry
Born 1873

Splawn, William Henry
Born 1876-TX, Died 1879

Splawn, William Herrod
Born 1889, Died 1955

Splawn, William J
Born 1860-AR, Died 1928-AR

Splawn, William J, Jr
Born 1892-AR

Splawn, William James
Born 1925-TX

Splawn, William Jason
Born 1845

* Splawn, William Jasper (Joe)
Born 1867-AR, Died 1962-TX

Splawn, William L (Billy)
Born 1838-MO, Died 1921- WA

Splawn, William L
Born 1856-OR

Splawn, William Lincoln
Born 1858

Splawn, William Loren
Born 1870-NC, Died 1962-SC

Splawn, William M
Born 1822-NC, Died 1904

Splawn, William Monroe
Born 1837-AL, Died 1902

* Splawn, William Newton(Big Pender)
Born 1886-NC, Died 1940-SC

Splawn, Sr, William Patterson
Born 1868

Splawn, William Tollie
Born 1905-TX, Died 1987-TX

Splawn, William W
Born 1835 AL, Died 1868

Splawn, Willie Clementine Mobley
Born 1862-TX

Splawn, Willie Clementine
Born 1875-TX

Splawn, Woodie Wylie
Born 1888-TX

Staggs, A L
Born 1877

Staggs, Aquilla Quinn
Born 1848-AR, Died 1921-AR

Staggs, Ellen Victory
Born 1874

Staggs, Henry L
Born 1887

Staggs, James Mitchell
Born 1881

Staggs, Jetta
Born 1884

Staggs, John W
Born 1870

Staggs, Margaret C
Born 1873

Staggs, Martha Elizabeth
Born 1879

Staggs, Mary Jane
Born 1869-AR

Staggs, Octavie
Born 1880

Staggs, Robert L
Born 1881

Staggs, Sarah Elizabeth
Born 1872

Staggs, Stephen
Born 1891

Staggs, Talitha Cumi Powell
Born 1861

Stone, Amanda Jane Splawn
Born 1816-SC

Strickland, Samanthia Martha Splawn
Born 1859-NC

Suiter, Nancy Splawn

* Swinford, Benjamin Levi
Born 1903-TX, Died 1986-OR

* Swinford, Elsie Jean Millsap
Born 1908-TX, Died 1999-OK

* Swinford, John Easley
Born 1878-TX, Died 1919-OK

Swinford, Nancy
Born 1899-TX, Died 1900-TX

* Swinford, Ollie Mae Keener
Born 1900-TX, Died 1967-OK

* Swinford, Oscar
Born 1897-TX, Died 1962-OK

Swinford, Virginia Lea
Born 1920-OK

* Swinford, Wesley Rudolph
Born 1907-TX, Died 1973-OR

Swinford, Winnie Bell Coker
Born 1917-OK, Died 1997-OR

Taylor, Roxie Lee Splawn
Born 1890-AR, Died 1979-OK

Thorp, Dulcena H

Thorp, Melissa Francis

Titus, A G
Born 1916, Died 1990

Titus, Alva Eugene

*Titus, Hilda
Born 1913, Died 1929

Titus, Para Rena (Midgie) Hooper
Born 1905

Titus, Rachael Mary Edwards
Born 1910-AL, Died 1971-CA

Titus, Roy Splawn
Born 1908, Died 1985

Tucker, Bevie Jane Adams
Born 1888-AR, Died 1951-AR

Tucker, Charles Lester
Born 1895-AR, Died 1963-TX

Tucker, James Zadock
Born 1872-AR, Died 1964-AR

Tucker, John Robert (Bob)
Born 1879-AR, Died 1914-AR

Tucker, Leticia
Born 1874-AR, Died 1875-AR

Tucker, Lillian Victoria Spraggins
Born 1891-AR, Died 1973-AR

Tucker, Martha Frances (Mattie) Tate
Born 1881-AR, Died 1971-LA

Tucker, Mary Emineline
Born 1876-AR, Died 1910-AR

Tucker, Ruth Almira Winegar Trammell
Born 1898-AR, Died 1981-AR

Tucker, William Victor (Boss)
Born 1884-AR, Died 1966-TX

Tucker, Zadock Campbell
Born 1849-GA, Died 1934-AR

Vickrey, Andrew Jackson
Born 1851-IL, Died 1929

Vickrey, Bessie Myrtle Brothers
Born 1885

Vickrey, Earl Little
Born 1883, Died 1952

Vickrey, Richard Thomas
Born 1877, Died 1954

Vickrey, William Franklin
Born 1880, Died 1924

Vines, Susan Splawn

Waldrop, Jane Splawn
Born 1825-NC

Windham, Delilah Elizabeth Splawn
Born 1868-TX, Died 1937-TX

Woodward, Nellie Edith Splawn
Born 1891-MO, Died 1973-TX

Wright, Maude A


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