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This site is made up of multiple pages. Each page will have one or more links to other pages. A link is an underlined word or words. Clicking on a link will move you to another page (unless it is a researcher's link ,see below). This is similiar to the turning of pages when you are reading a book. Every family member whose name is underlined has their own page of information.

Every individual that has his or her own page will have at least one descendant/researcher listed . Each page will try to show husband, wife and children and basic information. More detailed information usually resides with the listed researcher. To move back in time, go to the bottom of the page and click the "Previous Generation" link.

Presently there are fifteen branches of the Splawn Family that begin with the oldest documented family member. The parents of these fifteen people are undocumented at this time. Hopefully, in the future this information may come to light. As you go to the "Oldest Entries" page, you will begin with one of these fifteen people unless you have a specific individual in mind, then you will go to the index.

When you open the first page of any of the fifteen branches, you will see all of the descendant/researchers listed for that branch. As you move forward through each branch, the researchers will divide to stay with their direct line. Clicking on any researcher's name should bring up your e-mail program with their address inserted in the proper location. If your mail program does not appear, hold the mouse pointer over the name and the address should be shown in the lower left corner of your browser.

To return to the opening screen, click the "Home" link at the bottom of any page.

Within the Splawn Databases, at the bottom of any page, you will see a row of buttons. Holding the mouse pointer for a moment over any button, will describe it's function.

If you encounter any problems, e-mail Mike at .