Charles Armenus Splawn


Charles Armenus Splawn was born in Missouri on September 13, 1831 one of the sons of John Splawn (1810-1848). Following the death of his father, his family crossed the plains to oregon by ox team in 1851. He fought Indians in the Rogue River area in 1853. He was, at various times, a miner, ran pack-trains for settlers, and for the government, a cattleman and a logger - having more than his fair share of Indian fights. With his brothers Andrew Jackson, William, Moses, and George - he settled in Central Washington. In 1863, he married Dulcena H. Thorp at Fort Simcoe, Washington and they had 2 children - one of whom died in infancy and Viola Splawn (Shadel) (1869-1900) who was the first white child born in the area. Dulcena passed away in 1869. Charles then married Melissa Francis Thorp - a sister of his first wife - in 1873 and they had one child - Flora H. Splawn (Thorp) (1875-1946). He served at various times as Yakima County Auditor, County Sheriff, County Commissioner, Probate Judge, and Justice of the Peace. A biography of Charles printed in the "History of Kititas County" stated: "He is a thorough business man of unquestioned character and is highly respected throughout the county." Charles A. Splawn passed away on May 12, 1914 in Yakima, Washington and is buried in the Thorp-Splawn Historical Cemetery in Thorp, Washington.

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Children of Charles Splawn and 1st wife Dulcena Thorp:

  • Viola Splawn Shadel
    • Born 1869
    • Died 1900



Children of Charles Splawn and 2nd wife Melissa Thorp:

  • Flora H Splawn Thorp
    • Born 1875
    • Died 1946




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